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Notary at Sears Mall of Louisiana


Monday 10:15am-5:30pm
Tuesday 10:15am-5:30pm
Wednesday 10:15am-5:30pm
Thursday 10:15am-5:30pm
Friday 10:15am-5:30pm
Sunday closed

Baton Rouge, La.

6501 bluebonnet blvd Baton Rouge, La

Sears Mall of Louisiana BY MENS Dept upper level.

PHONE: 225-761-9963

FAX:      225-761-8997

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Come see us for all your Notary needs.  We do vehicle transfers: Bill of Sales, Acts of Donations, Power of Attorneys. 

LET US Prepare your Will.  Please call for an appointment.

Will travel to your location by appointment, hospitals, nursing homes, schools.

Bill of Sale                                                                           30.00

Vehicle Act of Donation                                                       40.00

Simple Affidavit                                                                   15.00

Affidavit, two signatures or form completion                       20.00/25.00

Affidavits or Acknowledgements with two witnesses            25.00

Power of Attorneys:     Notarization Only                              35.00

                                   Complete with witness 2 cert copy  150.00

                                   Health Care                                      100.00

                                   Real Estate with property desc           75.00

                                   Short POA                                          35.00

Wills (simple, husband & wife) -200.00+ 10.00 per wit.      150.00

Real Estate -Cash Sale                                                         150.00

For all other transactions, including, agreements, and contracts, come by our office for a quote based on your individual needs.